MAM Ghana Head Office



Our History

Since 2005, Machine Automation Maintenance has been proud to serve the great industrial companies of Ghana with the latest technology and process-improvement innovations. Our core product lines focus on factory automation through electronic controls, sensors, and industrial machines automation. Machine Automation is an authorized distributor for SIEMENS products.


Foreword by CEO

I’m Eric Mensah, President of Machine Automation Maintenance. The pace of business can be overwhelming these days. And any little disruption can send you reeling for weeks.
As a business owner, I know that when something goes wrong, I’d like to have somebody “just take care of it” for me! That’s how we approach service to our customers, too. We want to deliver our services to you in a way that is seamless, effortless, and reliable. For any problem our customer face, we will be there to offer solutions. And for every needs a client request, in automation we will be offering him a wide range of options.
One of my customers recently told me that Machine Automation Maintenance has a great story to tell because of the way we approach our business. But you know what? Let me tell you how.
We’re different than any other company in this market because we’re local, we’re experienced, and we have the most highly-trained engineers in Ghana. I’d love for you to meet our staff and let us find ways to make your workplace more efficient and safe. I hope you’ll give us a challenging assignment and watch us respond. I’m sure that once you experience our attentive service, you’ll be eager to let us partner with you. Thanks for visiting our website. I look forward to working with you! Sincerely,

Eric Mensah